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Earning Power!: April 2005

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Men Empowering Women

Are you a man who believes in women's empowerment in the workplace? If you are you are part of a new trend. Equality has not been achieved as seen by the wage gap and the absence of women at the top of all businesses with the exception of businesses for-women-to-women. Sisterhood at work is a myth. Business, especially global business, is still a man's world. Traditional feminism alienates men and is antiquated. We need to move toward a new cosexuality in the workplace that allows women to not imitate men, and allows men to not be intimidated by women or the fear that their presence will bring on a lawsuit rather than a playful and productive interaction. Where's the fun in working together when no one succeeds if one gender wins?

This is a short opinion, but I'm looking for a few good men and their stories about why they empower, promote, and put women in charge of P&L.