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Earning Power!: A New Model for Cooperative Genders at Work

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A New Model for Cooperative Genders at Work

Cosexuality (adj.) Cooperative sexuality. Describes a state of equality of men and women where both genders work together toward empowering each other. It describes a new feminism with the full participation of men.

The idea is that traditional feminism became antiquated and unattractive when people began associating it with hatred of men, superiority of women, or exclusively lesbianism.

The original idea of feminism was solid: belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. Sadly, nowadays even mentioning the word "feminist" alienates at least half of the population. In fact, many women, especially young women, do not wish to associate themselves with a cult of hatred. Late twentieth century man-bashing is definitely inappropriate when we work together today.

In the modern global business environment, there needs to be a new model. Enthusiasm for support would not be exclusively from women. It would also attract the interest of men and young people who are still interested in concepts like giving people equal opportunity to pursue their dreams, equality of pay for performance, or access to the same level of top leadership positions in charge of profit and loss.

Cosexuality is the new way both genders can work together and share masculine and feminine traits as needed and appropriate in order to be most effective and competitive without being intimidated. Women in business do not feel the need to imitate men or play by their rules in order to succeed.

The ideal environment is one where neither gender belittles nor mimics the other, but instead work together with respect and diverse skills. The feeling in the environment is "fun" rather than "fear".

Traditional feminism was about a power shift. Empowered people can abuse power, and this has been a possibility since women have in fact accomplished the goal of liberation. Cosexualism recognizes that although there is supposed to be a sisterhood among women to support each other toward our goals, it is often an ideal that is not met.

Instead, the cosexual reality is that men are essential as mentors, advisors and enthusiasts in women's careers. Where feminism pushed for the independence of a woman, cosexuality suggests that interdependence between genders is the key to accomplishment and profit. When one gender is excluded, both sides lose.

Finally, cosexuality allows modern fathers who are also interested in work-family issues to participate in finding flexible solutions that allow them to be a dad as well as a financial contributor to their kids. Issues that may have been considered the domain of women in the past are now their issues as well. It's an injustice to both sides to not encourage these men to raise their voice as role models for the next generation.

Earning Power! is optimistic that the majority of men are behind these concepts.


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