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Earning Power!: Excerpt from Upcoming Book: The Wealth Gap

Monday, August 28, 2006

Excerpt from Upcoming Book: The Wealth Gap

Men may earn more to invest up front, but ultimately the wealthiest men differentiate themselves from the average men by how they invest their earned money. Creating residual income from investment is the only way to wealth regardless of gender. I’m not talking about getting rich, like winning the jackpot. I’m talking about investing the jackpot or whatever you are able to make into businesses, such as real estate, that make short and long term returns for you.
So why do so many women leave property ownership and management up to the men when it is one of the only sexless playing fields?
Being married is still the way the majorities of women get their income and retire well off. Even if they don’t marry them or have an intimate relationship with them, a lot of women make a lot of money by associating themselves with up-and-coming men.


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