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Earning Power!: Is marriage endangered?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Is marriage endangered?

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune and The Boston Globe all reported this week that that there are now more unmarried women---51%---than married.

Is this an indicator that women no longer need men?

Could be, except for the fact that if you remove women from 15 to 18 from the numbers, you get the majority of women married again. In addition, the figures say that women with husbands in prison or working remotely, such as deployed overseas fighting a war, qualify to be counted as single. They are in fact married.

Many writers have taken up the opportunity to make digs at the American husband, but statistics show men are increasing time with their kids and making progress on being supportive to their families in ways other than strictly "breadwinner". Just not at the pace most women would prefer given the message growing up that we are "equals". According to the census men still work as much as 50% more hours outside the home than their wives.

Statistically married men are still happier and earn more than non-married, and married women have a better chance of a wealthy retirement when married. Both men and women have freedoms to lose if married, but a great deal to gain economically, spritually and emotionally if things work out. Although not as robust as in the 50's, marriage ain't a bad deal. It's just REALLY different from being single.

So before you mock the American husband, or criticize the wife whose expectations on her man were too high to keep him, look at the facts. There are still good reasons to be married and work at marriage, even if people seem to have all the reason to give up.


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