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Earning Power!: Men Empowering Women

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Men Empowering Women

I was giving a talk last week to realtors in Orange County and afterward, the men came up and let me know they hadn't understood their value to women and thier impact financially in areas other than just being the household wallet. (Unfortunately, not an untypical reaction).

The female realtors expressed they had not considered their tremendous impact as feminists, being that they have helped women and families build wealth, and they themselves were a rare breed of women in a business whose growth is largely found in selling to other women decision makers and their families. Indeed, the fact these women were in a commission-based sales positions means they have beaten the wage gap and earn more than their male counterparts, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics.

The world needs more wealthy women. Right now, women and kids are the majority of the world's poor. When men and women get together on women's issues, and when men embrace women's issues as their own, the world changes.

Please browse the blog and find the 10 types of men who empower women, more about why men matter to women in business, and what's in it for men if they embrace women's issues as human issues of their own.


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