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Earning Power!: Earning Power Award For Men

Monday, June 13, 2005

Earning Power Award For Men

We are seeking nominees for the Earning Power Award for Men.

The award is given to top business men who empower women through efforts in sponsorship, leadership, mentoring and verifiable results such as promotions, pay, and performance. The award recognizes men that demonstrate a commitment to business practices in everyday operations, management philosophies, and response to challenges, treatment of employees and to involvement in civic concerns as related to women in business.

To submit a candidate for consideration, e-mail with the story, the contact information and three references. Business leaders may be nominated in three categories: Large (greater than 2,500 employees), Mid-sized (100-2,500 employees) and Small (fewer than 100 employees). Nominations may come from a man or woman who is a client, employee, vendor or private citizen who is impressed with the nominee’s business conduct. References must include women and information must be verifiable for consideration.


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