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Earning Power!: The 4 A's of Cash Flow, or How emotions motivate us all.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The 4 A's of Cash Flow, or How emotions motivate us all.

Some people say women are emotional in business. This is true, but so are men. Our deep, hidden needs and desires motivate us all to earn more.

Building wealth buys emotional assets. I call these the Four A’s: Assurance, Attention, Authority, and Autonomy.

These are the four emotions that control cash flow.

People aren’t motivated to earn money for the sake of money. There is always an emotional state they wish to barter for or purchase with the money. These four A’s are the incentive for determination in the face of workplace adversity. The old saying goes, “We don’t live to work; we work to live.” Our emotions and passions are what make us feel alive.

Take a look and decide which of these four A’s is currently driving you to earn.

Assurance: Some people want the security, safety, confidence, or protection that money affords them. They worry constantly if they don’t have enough money to make them feel assured things will be taken care of.
Attention: Some people want love, respect, recognition, or affection that comes from having enough money. If they don’t have enough to contribute financially, their self-worth suffers, and they may feel they can’t get the attention they need.
Authority: Some people want the control, power, and, privilege that comes with money. This can be positive when it allows them to have additional choices, opportunities or generosity they couldn’t otherwise have.
Autonomy: Some people just want financial freedom. Self-reliance, independence, even license to make their own choices is their big emotional payoff. Having enough to finally be autonomous is a great financial goal.

Arguments that seem to be about money can often be resolved by addressing fears around assurance, attention, authority, or autonomy instead.

Money is just another type of energy that can be moved around for the good of yourself or others. Passionate emotions, or energies, can be also be moved around or refocused on solutions. When we realize we are all “emotional” when it comes to motivation, we can seek common ground.


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